Coral Sea 11.30.16 3/4 day

Posted On: Dec 01, 2016 at 02:58 AM

Good afternoon everybody, just making our way home now from the islands. Crew is crew is working hard processing fish and cooking burgers. We had a decent start to our morning at Santa Cruz, catching rockfish, whitefish and sheepshead in the shallows. We worked our way up the islands and after a mid day slow period we got into some fast action with big chuckles and excellent size whitefish along with some decent lingcod. We had 20 anglers who stuck with it through the slow times and made it pay at the good times. 179 rockfish, 16 lingcod, 68 ocean whitefish and 4 sheepshead. Coral Sea still has lots of room for tomorrow and Fridays 1/2 day trips. Feel free to book your reservations on our website or call the Sealanding at 805-963-3564.

Coral Sea 11.30.16 3/4 day
Coral Sea 11.30.16 3/4 day
Coral Sea 11.30.16 3/4 day
Coral Sea 11.30.16 3/4 day

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Everyone caught their limit of lingcod and rockfish