3/4 Day Fishing Trips

The Stardust goes 3/4 day fishing Thursday-Tuesday March 1- December 31. The Coral Sea will run 3/4 day trips EVERY DAY. We fish from the west end of Santa Cruz to the west end of Santa Rosa Island with a limited load of 30 on the Stardust and 25 on the Coral Sea.

We also fish the coast from Ventura to San Augustine. The fishing on 3/4 day trips are very good, don’t be surprised to come home with a bag full of fish! Most of the fish we catch are very good eating, can you say fish tacos? Our open party trips are freelance fishing trips, meaning we go where the fish are ensuring you come home with a bag of fish. The species we expect to catch are big quality rockfish, ling cod, whitefish, sheephead, white sea bass, halibut, and a variety of surface fish such as bass, bonito, & barracuda.

Reservations 805-963-3564
After Hours: 805-886-0454

Typical Fish Caught on this Trip: