Stardust 11.30.16 1/2 day

Posted On: Dec 01, 2016 at 02:53 AM

Hey good afternoon everybody Jason here from the Stardust giving your afternoon report. We had a great half day trip catching everything under the sun! It seem like a huge variety of rockfish whitefish some really nice sheephead and a couple of lingcod. The weather couldn't get any better today the crew is out there processing fish right now & the customers are enjoying some amazing cheeseburgers. This is a great time to get on any one of our trips and the boats are extremely uncrowded forward to seeing you all soon. The Stardust is 3/4 day fishing Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday. Book reservations online or call the SEA landing at 805-963-3564

Stardust 11.30.16 1/2 day
Stardust 11.30.16 1/2 day
Stardust 11.30.16 1/2 day
Stardust 11.30.16 1/2 day

Captains Log

Phones are down. Please call 805-962-1127

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