Stardust 10.21.16 3/4

Posted On: Oct 22, 2016 at 01:54 AM

We had very nice weather today, and went looking for ling out at the islands. Final numbers were 74 legal ling with another 35 or more squeekers and shorts released. In addition 90 big coppers were sacked, 4-pound class, and 15 or so rockfish of other species. A couple of big cabezon came aboard too. Mackerel were plentiful mid-water, but were pretty full so easy to avoid on the way down. Perhaps 80 were caught. The hot ticket was double droppers, both baited with a lively sardine. We fished in just 160 feet of water all day, but a 12-oz sinker really helped. About 1p.m. a current line came through and the drift ramped up from a half knot to over 1.5 knots, it was ripping. We drifted with it, so the lines stayed straight. You couldn't even tell we were drifting so fast, unless you snagged bottom. Big ling was near 17 pounds, on a Tady A2 heavy, Scrambled egg pattern. book reservations 805-963-3564 or book online!
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These guys are great! I had an amazing day fishing with them. The captain got us on the fish, once the fish were on the whole crew was on point getting people where the needed to be, and getting fish on the boat. Epic day, amazing crew!
Matthew Peter