Coral Sea 10.8.16 3/4 day SRI

Posted On: Oct 09, 2016 at 12:03 AM

Coral Sea 10.8.16
3/4 day SRI

Good afternoon folks. Just heading back across the channel after a really great day of lingcod and rockfish fishing. The quality was Great today, not to mention the stellar weather barely a ripple on the water all day. 25 Anglers, 75 Lingcod, 60 Red Rockfish, 85 Rockfish. Nice change of pace from last week, looks like we'll have some nice weather for a little while now. The coral sea will be open party 3/4 day Monday through Wednesday. The Stardust is 1/2 day fishing Monday and Tuesday. Please book online from our website or call the landing at 805-963-3564

Coral Sea 10.8.16 3/4 day SRI-1
Coral Sea 10.8.16 3/4 day SRI-2
Coral Sea 10.8.16 3/4 day SRI-3
Coral Sea 10.8.16 3/4 day SRI-4
Coral Sea 10.8.16 3/4 day SRI-5

Captains Log

 Now booking fall and winter private charters! Did you know weekdays get a discount?

Coral Sea SportsfishingCoral Sea

3/4 day Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday are a go!!

1/2 day Friday & Sunday are a go!!

Stardust SportsfishingStardust

1/2 day Tuesday/Wednesday JUST SHOW UP TUESDAY!!

3/4 day Friday-Sunday

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