Stardust 10.5.16 1/2 day

Posted On: Oct 05, 2016 at 10:59 PM

Wednesday October 5th, 2016

Stardust 1/2 Day trip

Good afternoon folks. Very fun group on board today with only 14 anglers a few of them not taking fish just wanting to enjoy a day on the water.

We started out in the deeper water 270-290 feet and throughout the day worked our way all the way into 160 ft. Everything was about the same getting 5- 10 fish off each area with a few that didn't bite at all. Good quality throughout the day just never got one to really rattle our gear.

We ended up getting what everyone wanted to take home consisting of 62 Reds, 33 misc. Rockfish (Copper and Brown Rockfish), 5 Whitefish and 5 Lingcod.

The Stardust still needs a couple people to make Thursdays 3/4 Day trip a go. Please book your reservation online or contact the office at 805 963-3564.

Stardust 10.5.16 1/2 day-1
Stardust 10.5.16 1/2 day-2
Stardust 10.5.16 1/2 day-3

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