Stardust 9.26.16 1/2 day

Posted On: Sep 26, 2016 at 11:44 PM

Monday September 26 th, 2016

Stardust 1/2 Day trip

Good afternoon Anglers we are currently coming back into the harbor after a very nice day of weather pretty steady fishing on mixed grade Vermilion Rockfish as well as a few cCopper rockfish.

Our group of 19 anglers did awesome today and fished hard winding up out of the deeper water. Double dropper loops with circle hooks and 10-12 oz sinkers with a couple strips of Squid or mackeral worked the best and a few guys with jigs caught a few at times as well.

Our group of 19 ended up with 164 Reds, 26 misc. Rockfish and 1 Lingcod.

The next trip on the Stardust will be on Thursday at three quarter day trip and the Coral Sea has opened three quarter day trips Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Please visit our website to book online or call Sea Landing at 805 963-3564.

Stardust 9.26.16 1/2 day-1
Stardust 9.26.16 1/2 day-2
Stardust 9.26.16 1/2 day-3
Stardust 9.26.16 1/2 day-4
Stardust 9.26.16 1/2 day-5

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Super light load Thursday!

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Lots of room, Thursday and Friday!


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