Stardust 9.9.16 3/4 day

Posted On: Sep 10, 2016 at 03:26 AM

With Capt Merit behind the wheel, the Stardust Crew & 31 anglers headed across the pond with high hopes of lingcod & rockfish. Fished several scratchy spots, moving around looking for something more productive. We found a nice zone and loaded up on lingcod & really nice quality rockfish. Only 10 of 100 were small. I mean they were really nice big fish! 31 Anglers, 10 Rockfish, 35 Red Rockfish, 53 Lingcod, 45 Copper Rockfish, 10 Bocaccio. The Coral Sea is a go 1/2 day fishing Sunday with a very light load. The Stardust is 1/2 day Monday-Wednesday, fishing the coast. Please book online from our website or call the SEA Landing 806-963-3564.

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