Coral Sea 9.3.16 VCGurlz Trip

Posted On: Sep 03, 2016 at 11:24 PM

Coral Sea 9.3.16

VCGurlz Fishn 3/4 day SRI

We Finally made it out to Santa Rosa Island today first time in a week! Started off the day catching lingcod which actually took most of our trip, we did get a few very nice quality rockfish as well. Best Bait was the sardine on a dropper loop. 25 Anglers, 59 Rockfish, 75 Lingcod.

Thanks to VCGurlz for sponsoring the trip today, it was a really fun trip with regulars and new faces aboard. We are 1/2 day fishing tomorrow leaving at 9 AM with some spots available. We are 3/4 day Monday-Wednesday. The weather looks good as of now for Tuesday & Wednesday's light loads to fish the Islands! The Stardust is 1/2 day fishing the same days. Please book your reservations online or call 805-963-3564

Coral Sea 9.3.16 VCGurlz Trip-1
Coral Sea 9.3.16 VCGurlz Trip-2
Coral Sea 9.3.16 VCGurlz Trip-3
Coral Sea 9.3.16 VCGurlz Trip-4
Coral Sea 9.3.16 VCGurlz Trip-5

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These guys are great! I had an amazing day fishing with them. The captain got us on the fish, once the fish were on the whole crew was on point getting people where the needed to be, and getting fish on the boat. Epic day, amazing crew!
Matthew Peter