Stardust 8.28.16 3/4 day trip

Posted On: Aug 29, 2016 at 12:30 AM

Sunday August 28th, 2016

Stardust 3/4 Day Island Trip

Bumpy day for us today folks. We got off the dock with 40 anglers this morning most of whom are regulars on the Stardust with a few new faces and headed across to the islands.

Steady scratch fishing is the best way to describe our day with a rather steep and close together wind bump making it hard to fish as effectively as I would have liked. Nevertheless less our group fished hard and we were able to put together a fun day.

Lots of missed bites for those people using very short topshot with braided line so we do suggest no less than 30 yards for either the Lingcod fishing or Rockfish fishing.

Our 40 anglers ended up with 84 Coppers, 25 misc. Rockfish, 6 Whitefish, 1 Sheephead, 2 Cabezon and 82 Lingcod.

The Stardust is running 1/2 Day trips Monday and Wednesday and the Coral Sea is headed out 3/4 Day fishing Monday-Wednesday as well. Light loads for the week day trips so far. Call Sea Landing at 805 963-3564 for a reservation or feel free to visit our website and book your spot online.

Stardust 8.28.16 3/4 day trip-1
Stardust 8.28.16 3/4 day trip-2
Stardust 8.28.16 3/4 day trip-3
Stardust 8.28.16 3/4 day trip-4
Stardust 8.28.16 3/4 day trip-5
Stardust 8.28.16 3/4 day trip-6

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Light loads all week!!

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Saturday has plenty of room!

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We will talk about this trip for years to come