Coral Sea 8.4.16 1/2 day Family Fun!

Posted On: Aug 04, 2016 at 09:59 PM

Coral Sea 8.4.16
Coastal 1/2 day
Capt. Jason with the 1/2 day Report here, we had a very nice day, little issue in the morning with a seal following us around for a little while, scared away the fish on a few spots this morning then he went away and we started to catch a bunch of fish.
15 Anglers, 19 Red Rockfish, 106 Rockfish, 1 Sheephead. This was definitely family day, we had lots of dads and sons on board, everybody had a blast! We're back at it again tomorrow with lots of room, should be another gorgeous day.
The Coral Sea has plenty of room for Friday's 1/2 day trip. The Stardust has an ULTRA LIGHT LOAD for Friday's 3/4 day trip. Please book your reservations now either online or call 805-963-3564.
We are full Saturday & Sunday- so FRIDAY is your chance to jump on the Lingcod train!!

Coral Sea 8.4.16 1/2 day Family Fun!-1
Coral Sea 8.4.16 1/2 day Family Fun!-2
Coral Sea 8.4.16 1/2 day Family Fun!-3
Coral Sea 8.4.16 1/2 day Family Fun!-4
Coral Sea 8.4.16 1/2 day Family Fun!-5

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