Stardust 7.17.16

Posted On: Jul 18, 2016 at 01:06 AM

Stardust 7.17.16 3/4 day
34 Anglers, 55 Lingcod, 158 Rockfish. Hey everybody Jason here from the Stardust, here's the afternoon report. We went out to Santa Rosa today, the fishing in the morning was really good on Rockfish and lingcod, some reds mostly chuckleheads and groupers. The best bet today was a sardines on the bottom for the lingcod and Squid strips of course for the Rockfish. We caught a few fish on plastic and jigs. The weather was amazing today, our best bite was early in the morning and then things changed in the afternoon and it got kind of slow. All in all a great day the quality of the fish were all big ones only a handful of smaller fish. We have trips going all week feel, 1/2 Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. The Coral Sea has tons of room 3/4 day Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Feel free to book online or call SEA LANDING 805-963-3564.

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