Coral Sea 7.8.16 1/2 day

Posted On: Jul 08, 2016 at 10:30 PM

Coral Sea 1/2 Day Trip

Good afternoon folks we are finishing up with a relaxing day of local 1/2 day fishing. We ran down and coast and tried for some surface action but the current was not favorable and so, with the exception of a handful of short seabass, things were uneventful. We changed over to rockfish fishing and had steady fishing on miscellaneous species of rockfish and quickly caught what we needed for those anglers keeping fish today...

Our 12 anglers today captured 120 misc. rockfishes and 2 lingcod. The youngsters did a fantastic job fishing today and all caught their share of tasty fishes.

The Coral Sea is running a 3/4 day trip Saturday and a 1/2 day trip on Sunday while the Stardust is running 3/4 day trips both Saturday & Sunday. Please call Sea Landing at 805-963-3564 or go to our webpage and make your reservations today!

Coral Sea 7.8.16 1/2 day-1
Coral Sea 7.8.16 1/2 day-2
Coral Sea 7.8.16 1/2 day-3
Coral Sea 7.8.16 1/2 day-4
Coral Sea 7.8.16 1/2 day-5
Coral Sea 7.8.16 1/2 day-6
Coral Sea 7.8.16 1/2 day-7
Coral Sea 7.8.16 1/2 day-8
Coral Sea 7.8.16 1/2 day-9

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