Coral Sea 7.6.16

Posted On: Jul 07, 2016 at 12:25 AM

Coral Sea 3/4 Day Island Trip

Today's fishing was a notch or two better than yesterday on the lingcod and about the same on rockfish fishing. We fished a different set of stones than yesterday and it bit very steady for a couple of hours. Some of the better lingcod fishing we have seen so far this season for sure...

Our 21 anglers today caught 34 reds, 83 copper rockfish, 27 misc. rockfish, and 61 lingcod. Thank you everyone for fishing aboard the Coral Sea today!

The Coral Sea has 1/2 day trips scheduled Thursday-Sunday and the Stardust has 3/4 day trips scheduled Thursday-Sunday as well so please call Sea Landing at 805-963-3564 or go to our webpage and make your reservations today!

Coral Sea 7.6.16-1
Coral Sea 7.6.16-2
Coral Sea 7.6.16-3
Coral Sea 7.6.16-4
Coral Sea 7.6.16-5
Coral Sea 7.6.16-6
Coral Sea 7.6.16-7
Coral Sea 7.6.16-8
Coral Sea 7.6.16-9
Coral Sea 7.6.16-10
Coral Sea 7.6.16-11
Coral Sea 7.6.16-12
Coral Sea 7.6.16-13
Coral Sea 7.6.16-14
Coral Sea 7.6.16-15
Coral Sea 7.6.16-16

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