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Posted On: May 23, 2016 at 12:46 AM

Good afternoon folks we are on our way back to the dock after a fun and relaxing day of local rockfish fishing with a very fun charter group! Fishing was very tough today and unfortunately quite a few passengers succumbed to motion sickness in the early stages of today's trip so that was an unfortunate turn of events for some....

Regardless of the scratchy fishing, we fished hard and never gave up and in the end I am grateful for how the day turned out. Small victories are the key to days like today when the fish all seem to have full full tummies and are uncooperative...

Our 21 passengers today caught 77 reds, 51 misc. rockfish, 1 ocean whitefish, and 2 lingcod. My crew and I really enjoyed spending the day with this awesome group of people and we hope you all come out and fish with us again sometime in the future...Much thanks to my crew (Rafa, Christian, and Cyrrano) for working hard today and keeping your heads in the game despite the slow fishing, you guys are the best!

The Coral Sea has a 3/4 day trips scheduled Mon-Wed and the Stardust has 1/2 day trips on those same days as well so please call Sea Landing at 805-964-3564 and make your reservations today.

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