Great 3/4 day up the Coast

Posted On: May 20, 2016 at 09:07 PM

Good afternoon folks, we are headed in from a fun productive day of Rockfishing up the coast today for our light load of 19 passengers.

Today we fished anywhere from 260-290 feet of water and although we had to work at it our group fished hard and as a result we were able to steadily pick at mixed grade Reds anywhere from our standard 1.5-1.75 "steemer" red and a few spots kicked out some 2.5-3 lb red as well.

The light wire 2/0 circle hooks on double dropper loops with a 12 oz. sinker with a couple Squid strips presented properly steadily produced throughout the day.

Or 19 anglers are taking home 167 Reds, 19 Coppers and 4 misc. Rockfish.

The next day with room on either boat is Sunday. The Stardust is running a 3/4 day with a few spots remaining. Please call Sea Landing at 805 963-3564 to make your reservation today...

Great 3/4 day up the Coast-1
Great 3/4 day up the Coast-2
Great 3/4 day up the Coast-3
Great 3/4 day up the Coast-4
Great 3/4 day up the Coast-5
Great 3/4 day up the Coast-6
Great 3/4 day up the Coast-7
Great 3/4 day up the Coast-8

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