Productive fishing at Santa Rosa Island

Posted On: May 11, 2016 at 11:59 PM

Good afternoon folks we are returning to the dock after a productive day of fishing at Santa Rosa island. We started off on a new ridge we found this morning out in the deeps that bit very well on reds, coppers, and lingcod, without any other lesser quality rockfish mixed in. Afterwards we worked our way into waters in the 35-45 fathom range and continued to have steady fishing on quality rockfishes and nice lingcod.

Our 25 anglers today caught 117 reds, 107 coppers ('chuckleheads'), 26 misc. rockfish, and 27 lingcod. Weather was flat and beautiful, albeit slightly overcast, all day long.

The Coral Sea has a 1/2 day trip scheduled for Friday & Sunday and the Stardust is running a 3/4 day trip Thursday, Friday & Sunday as well so please call Sea Landing at 805-963-3564 and make your reservations today!

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