Nice Reds and Lings!

Posted On: May 09, 2016 at 01:06 AM

Good afternoon folks. We are heading home after a challenging day of Rockfishing at Santa Rosa Island. Our morning started out good with steady fishing on both nice big Reds and some very nice Coppers as well.

As the day went on however we had a change in condition and for about an hour or so things were a real grind. Very nice quality however slow going led to us making a move. Once we got back into the cleaner water we were able to steadily pick at both nice Coppers and some nice Lingcod as well.

Our group today stuck at the rail and fished hard until late in the day and in the end had some great bags of fish to take home.

Our 33 people ended up with 42 Big Reds, 126 Coppers, 55 misc. Rockfish , 1 Cabezon and 43 Lingcod.

The Coral Sea is heading out tomorrow on a 3/4 Day trip with plenty of room. The Stardust is staying at the dock tomorrow due to lack of interest but will be back out 1/2 Day fishing Tuesday. Call Sea Landing at 805 963-3564 to get a spot or just show up in the morning. Boat leaves at 7 am.

Nice Reds and Lings!-1
Nice Reds and Lings!-2
Nice Reds and Lings!-3
Nice Reds and Lings!-4
Nice Reds and Lings!-5

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