Long Day...Big Rewards

Posted On: May 05, 2016 at 12:32 AM

Hello folks, we are still mid way through the channel on our way home from a long but productive day of island fishing. My decision to pull our gear and run from a few spots today that had nice reds mixed with lesser quality rockfish ended up making for a long day! We ended the day with our passenger's sacks filled with a very nice grade of reds, coppers, and lingcod so it worked out just fine...

Our 19 anglers caught 102 reds, 57 copper rockfish ('chuckleheads'), 31 misc. rockfish, and 25 lingcod. Flat calm seas with just a slight breeze made for comfortable fishing today.

The Coral Sea has a 1/2 day trip scheduled for Thursday and the Stardust is running a 3/4 trip as well so please call Sea Landing at 805-963-3564 and make your reservations as soon as possible!

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These guys are great! I had an amazing day fishing with them. The captain got us on the fish, once the fish were on the whole crew was on point getting people where the needed to be, and getting fish on the boat. Epic day, amazing crew!
Matthew Peter