Coastal 1/2 day fishing

Posted On: May 04, 2016 at 10:59 PM

18 Anglers, 100 Red Rockfish, 61 Rockfish. Very scratchy fishing today, quality was very good and the weather was extraordinary; I don't think it blew more than five knots all day. Extremely nice group of people on the boat today fishing with a nice light load. The Stardust is a go 3/4 day fishing Thursday with an extremely light load! Call the Sea Landing to get on the Stardust for some fun Cinco de Mayo fishing! We are privately chartered Friday and Saturday, open party 3/4 day Sunday. The Coral Sea is a go 1/2 day Thursday, 3/4 day Friday & Saturday, 1/2 day Sunday-lots of room on all trips. Call to book 805-963-3564

Coastal 1/2 day fishing-1
Coastal 1/2 day fishing-2
Coastal 1/2 day fishing-3
Coastal 1/2 day fishing-4
Coastal 1/2 day fishing-5

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