Quality 1/2 day on Coral Sea

Posted On: Apr 01, 2016 at 10:57 PM

Good afternoon folks, we are heading in from a very fun 1/2 day trip with a boat load of tired anglers. Despite having some very young anglers & newbies aboard I made the decision to fish the deeps once again today in an area I hadn't fished yet this year and it resulted in a nice load of mid-grade reds with a few jumbos thrown in!

Our 28 anglers fished hard all day and caught a grand total of 237 reds and 35 misc. rockfish. As usual, the double dropper loop rigs with 12 oz torpedo sinkers worked the best. The live anchovy helped fire up a few spots that were not all that active to begin with...Much thanks to all of our anglers today, you guys/gals were a pleasure to have onboard!

The Coral Sea is full for tomorrow's 3/4 day trip but you can call Sea Landing at 805-963-3564 and still make reservations for our Sunday 3/4 day trip.

Quality 1/2 day on Coral Sea-1
Quality 1/2 day on Coral Sea-2
Quality 1/2 day on Coral Sea-3
Quality 1/2 day on Coral Sea-4
Quality 1/2 day on Coral Sea-5

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