Coral Sea 3/4 day Wednesday

Posted On: Mar 31, 2016 at 11:17 PM

Good afternoon folks...on our way in from a very fun day of island rockfish fishing. Our first couple of holds started off a bit slow & scratchy this morning but once the coppers & reds decided to play it was very steady fishing for everyone aboard! Most fish were caught on our standard double dropper loops rigs with 12 oz sinkers and squid strips but one of our regulars fished with an 8oz jig all morning and caught more than his share of big reds and coppers!

After fishing the deeps this morning we ran into the shallows and finished off our day catching some whitefish and misc stuff in 100' of water. Our final count for our 21 anglers was 61 reds, 136 copper rockfish ('chuckleheads'), 12 misc. rockfish, 11 lingcod, 17 ocean whitefish, 1 cabezon, and 1 sheephead. Much thanks to our group of awesome anglers today for making the day such an enjoyable experience for my crew and I...

The Stardust is chartered Thursday but we have a 3/4 day trip scheduled tomorrow so please call Sea Landing at 805-963-3564 and make your reservation before we fill up!

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Some room for Sunday!

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Plenty of room 4/3-4/7

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We will talk about this trip for years to come