Easter Island

Posted On: Mar 27, 2016 at 10:30 PM

Good afternoon anglers we are heading in after a excellent day of deep water Rockfishing over at the islands today. After a bumpy ride out this morning our 23 anglers some of which were feeling the effects of the swell were at the rail and did a great job working together. Big Reds and quality Coppers were eager to bite today, the Reds eating Squid and then Coppers loving the Anchovie.

The jigs were working well today as well as the standard Squid strip or Anchovie double dropper loop rigs with a 12oz sinker. In the deeper water today the anglers using larger hooks (3/0 to 4/0) did very well. Please note it is a good idea to make sure you have newer monofilament line on you Reels when coning out as today anglers were snapping off quite a few fish on brittle line.

Our 23 Passengers ended the day with 104 Reds ,120 Coppers and 6 misc. Rockfish. We also were able to catch 15 Lingcod.

Both boats are scheduled to run tomorrow with the Coral Sea having a 3/4 Day and the Stardust on the 1/2 Day. There is plenty of room on both boats. Call Sea Landing at (805) 963-3564 to reserve your spot on either boat.

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Light loads all next week!!

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Sunday is a go! 
light loads next week

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