12.21.15 Huge Sheephead!

Posted On: Dec 21, 2015 at 06:27 PM

26 Anglers, 127 Rockfish, 41 Whitefish, 71 Lingcod, 4 Sheephead, 1 Cabezon. Went across to the Islands today, got near limits of lingcod, nice chucklehead rockfish, a bunch of whitefish and a HUGE 17lb Sheephead!! Thanks for fishing with us. Due to windy conditions the next few days, today was our last trip until Saturday December 26. Both boats will be 3/4 day every till the end of the year. Bring your standard rockfish gear, we are back at business as usual. The office will be closed 24/25 so please make your weekend reservations before, and pick up your gift certificates by Wednesday, 805-963-3564.

12.21.15 Huge Sheephead!-1
12.21.15 Huge Sheephead!-2
12.21.15 Huge Sheephead!-3
12.21.15 Huge Sheephead!-4
12.21.15 Huge Sheephead!-5
12.21.15 Huge Sheephead!-6
12.21.15 Huge Sheephead!-7
12.21.15 Huge Sheephead!-8
12.21.15 Huge Sheephead!-9
12.21.15 Huge Sheephead!-10
12.21.15 Huge Sheephead!-11
12.21.15 Huge Sheephead!-12

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