Coral Sea 3/4 day 10.2.23

Posted On: Oct 03, 2023 at 02:08 AM

Capt Wes

We are back from another beautiful day on the water.  We started off in the shallows and managed to capture a couple handfuls of bass, whitefish  and sheephead. Water was off color and cold but the fish are there and will bite in better conditions. We then moved to deeper waters and captured limits of rockfish. Hot setup is a reel filled with 65lb braid with a 2  hook shrimp fly gangion and a 16 oz sinker. We have the rod/ reel available in the office for rent if you need it.  Final count for our 10 anglers- 100 rockfish, 8 whitefish, 4 calico bass, 3 sand bass, 4 sheep head and 1 sculpin.  We were also treated to an incredible whale and dolphin show most of the time we were fishing rockfish.
Very light loads all week! Please book reservations in advance 805-963-3564 or from the website 

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