Coral Sea 3/4 day charter 8.5.23

Posted On: Aug 06, 2023 at 02:49 AM

Got thrown a curveball this morning, but still managed to hit a home run. Turned out to be a pretty damn good day. Our plans to go to the islands were foiled by Highwinds and rough seas. So we made a left-hand turn to some of our Plan B rockfish spots- and Plan B worked out and we shot into the coast and caught lots and lots of calico bass, sand bass and a couple of halibut.
25 anglers caught 250 rockfish,2 halibut, 1 lingcod, 18 calico bass,  5 sand bass. 
Lots of room Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday! Call SB Landing 805-963-3564 or book online

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