Stardust 3/4 day 9.27.19

Posted On: Sep 28, 2019 at 12:10 AM

Good Afternoon. Merit here today. We had just 12 lucky anglers on deck this morning -- flat calm water and lightly overcast skies. We headed across to the Santa Rosa -- Santa Cruz gap and started on the first rock we came to, so deep. It bit pretty well -- big coppers mostly with some medium red. We got to about 6- around before heading for shallow water. Ultimately we ended up on anchor in 50 feet of water, slamming the big to jumbo/gaffer ocean whitefish some sheephead and a mix of rockfish. Once all had limits, or all they wanted of the whitefish, we headed back to deep water for our final few rockfish. It ended up basically 20-fish limits for everyone who wanted that much fish.
12 anglers
40 red
60 copper
90 OWF
1 monster cabezon
2 ling
10 sheephead
20 other mixed rock fish
We are a go 3/4 day Sunday, 1/2 day fishing Monday then 3/4 day fishing Thursday & Friday. All are a go! Book reservations online or call the SEA Landing 805-963-3564

Captains Log

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These guys are great! I had an amazing day fishing with them. The captain got us on the fish, once the fish were on the whole crew was on point getting people where the needed to be, and getting fish on the boat. Epic day, amazing crew!
Matthew Peter