Stardust 3/4 day 6.8.19

Posted On: Jun 09, 2019 at 12:03 AM

3/4 day Islands

Capt Merit McCrea

We're rolling in across the Channel after another awesome day at the islands. Today we fished mostly in 160 feet of water, after a couple of deeper drops that didn't produce. The shallows bit, rockfish of all shapes and sizes, big reds, whitefish, lings, coppers, blues and such. The bigger reds and coppers bit the live anchovies best, and of course the lings wanted 'em too. Winds were calm, weather was sunny. There was a slow rolling swell though, kicking spray high up the island cliffs. Saw whales and dolphins on the way out an back, as usual. As quitting time rolled around the bite was fast and big and we went into OT a bit. We'll hit the dock about 1730.

The final count for our 40 anglers was 376 rockfish, with about 1/2 of them the bigger reds and coppers, 38 whitefish including some whoppers, and 27 lings kept, including a whopper on a sanddab and flatfall. It was basically limits for all that stayed at the rail, plus plenty of extras for the few who fished less. For whatever reason, those with lings had 2 mostly. 

We are a go 1/2 day fishing Monday-Wednesday. Please make reservations ahead of time from the website or call the SEA Landing  805-963-3563

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