Coral Sea 3/4 day 3.26.19

Posted On: Mar 26, 2019 at 11:43 PM

Merit here.

This morning it was definitely looking like a day to make the run to Augies, given the forecast, just barely too much west wind for decent fishing at Rosa. But as we cleared the point it had all the markings of fine outer island day, and so keep the bow pointed south. It turned into a glorious day, humpback whales came to visit, the Islands were emerald in their new spring cloak. 

After a pair of quick deep stops along the way, and finding the flow booking east we pulled in way west on the main Carrington reef. That first pass covered the whole main top and the fish bit hard, so fast they piled up at angler's feet -- big to jumbo whitefish, and a mix of rockfish -- coppers, blues, reds, Boccaccio, a few lings and others. We made two more like it, but after that first one Josh, Shaun and Martin weren’t able to keep up on tabbing and sacking, so we moved in toward the island a bit more, got a few more lings and a decent pick on gaffer sized whitefish, coppers and reds.

The cods came too quickly, and by the time we got to whitefish central, we only had space for a few more. We picked a few more whities in very shallow water before it was time to head on in. 

Our final catch was limits around on the rockfish, 94 of the whitefish and 20 lings, for 25 anglers. 

Got called in to fish the boat today, over the weekend and it was already booked! But there's plenty of space in the next few days. The Stardust has a SUPER LIGHT LOAD 3/4 day action if you want to get a piece of what we had today!  The Coral Sea is 1/2 day Thursday & Sunday. Book from the website or call 805-963-3564

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