Coral Sea 3/4 day 10.30.18

Posted On: Oct 31, 2018 at 12:03 AM

Open party 3/4 day island trip

Hey folks. We are back at the dock after a good day of fishing out at the islands. A little bumpy traveling there and back with this huge swell that we had but it did not affect us out in the deep water to much while fishing. We were able to cover a lot of ground and pick at some nice quality chucks, reds, lings and other miscellaneous rockfish. Got it done before the weather found us and pointed for home.

Total count for our 16 anglers
7 lingcod
27 vermillion
65 coppers
68 miscellaneous rockfish

Our next available trips
Friday 1/2 day
Mon-Wed 3/4 days
Call sea landing at 805-963-3564 or book online at

Captains Log

Dan Hernandez Filmed Charter rescheduled click to book:

Coral Sea SportsfishingCoral Sea

3/4 day Mon-Wed

Stardust SportsfishingStardust

3/4 day Sunday has room!!

1/2 day Monday-Wednesday

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We will talk about this trip for years to come