Stardust 3/4 day Charter 10.20.18

Posted On: Oct 21, 2018 at 02:31 AM

Good afternoon everybody,
We are just getting close to home after a day out with the Santa Barbara Sportfishing Club hosting their annual Lingcod tournament. Our destination for the day was Santa Rosa Island. We stuck it out deep for a majority of our day, picking steadily at lings. Lots of quality fish in the deeps along with quite a few standout fish. The key to bites was definitely Sardine, but artificial baits produced a few fish as well.
Once we got our number for lingcod, we decided to point it for the mid depth and top off our bags with rockfish. We were greeted with good fishing on chuckleheads, reds, and other miscellaneous rockfish. Our group stuck it to the rail all day and everybody is enjoying a nice ride in and going home with a great bag of fish. Thank you to Whitney Uyeda and the guys and gals from Santa Barbara Sportfishing club for putting together another fun Tournament.

Final Tally for us today:
18 Anglers
36 Lingcod
96 Assorted Rockfish

Our next trip available is Wednesday which is a 1/2 day. To make a reservation you can book online or call the Sea landing. (805)9633564

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