Stardust 3/4 Day 9.20.18

Posted On: Sep 22, 2018 at 01:05 AM

Thursday 9/20
Merit here aboard the Stardust open party 3/4-day. We're on our way in from a fabulous day at Santa Rosa Island. With the first of several flat calm days to come. After the windy weather broke last night, we were greeted by calm seas and thousands of porpoise. Fishing in 250 feet of water our third try found us some biters.
Our 25 anglers enjoyed steady action and by quitting time all had limits of the bigger deeper water rock fish.
The final score was 55 vermilion, 80 bocaccio, 80 coppers, 55 mixed blues, olives and others, and 4 lings.
We still have plenty a room for Friday’s 3/4 day trip, you can just show up! The coral sea is 3/4 day fishing Monday – Wednesday, Our next available trip will be Thursday and Friday 3/4 day fishing next week. Please make reservations 805-963-3564 or from our website.

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