Stardust 3/4 day 8.3.18

Posted On: Aug 06, 2018 at 11:51 PM

Friday August 3rd

Stardust 3/4 Day Trip

Good fishing today again folks. We headed back across to Rosa with 33 anglers on board.

We started our morning fishing in the mid depth (210’- 250’) and had steady fishing again on a mix of nice Rockfish. Our weather was fairly breezy with a little swell however while we were holding it was very comfortable. Our group acclimated quickly and after a drift or two everyone was taking advantage of the fishing. The live anchovy worked the best throughout the day. Later in the day we worked shallower and were able to scratch up some Lingcod and finished off our Rockfish before the wind filled in.

Our 33 anglers ended the day with 330 Rockfish and 21 Lingcod.

The Stardust has room 1/2 Day Fishing Monday-Wednesday and the Coral Sea has space on there 3/4 Day Trips those days as well. Please call Sea Landing at 805 963-3564 for a reservation or visit our website to book online.

Captains Log

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These guys are great! I had an amazing day fishing with them. The captain got us on the fish, once the fish were on the whole crew was on point getting people where the needed to be, and getting fish on the boat. Epic day, amazing crew!
Matthew Peter