Stardust 1/2 Day 8.1.18

Posted On: Aug 01, 2018 at 10:01 PM

Wednesday August 1st

Stardust 1/2 Day Trip

Another nice day out here on the 1/2 Day zone with 35 anglers on board.

Our fishing was a scratch throughout the day however the quality was excellent with mostly reds and browns making up our catch. Our group had a good time and fished every stop throughout the day with some spots reacting better than others however we were able to catch a few off each stop. The live anchovy worked the best by far.

In total our group put together 197 Assorted Rockfish, 6 Whitefish, 1 Sheephead and 9 lingcod.

The Stardust has plenty of room left for tomorrow on there 3/4 Day Trip so please call Sea Landing at 805 963-3564 for a reservation or visit our website to book online.

Stardust 1/2 Day 8.1.18

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