Stardust 3/4 day Charter 7.27.18

Posted On: Jul 30, 2018 at 02:13 AM

Friday July 27th

Stardust 3/4 Day Charter

Bumpy day of weather and scratchy fishing for the most part today for us on our private charter.

We fished a lot of area throughout the day and had a few decent stops that wanted to cooperate however most of our stops only yielded a few handfuls of nicer fish. We tried to fish some deeper water a few times today and found the tangles to be almost unmanageable. The shallower water was more enjoyable and we managed to put together a fun day for our group.

Our 22 anglers that actively participated today ended the day with 162 Rockfish, 89 Whitefish, 4 Sheephead and 2 Lingcod.

The Stardust has room Monday- Wednesday on the 1/2 Day Trips and the Coral Sea has space for there 3/4 Day Trips Monday- Wednesday as well. Please call Sea Landing at 805 963-3564 or visit our website to make a reservation.

Captains Log

Phones are down. Please call 805-962-1127

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