Coral Sea 1/2 day 6.8.18

Posted On: Jun 08, 2018 at 10:16 PM

Good afternoon, coral Sea is heading in from our 1/2 day trip right now. We got out with a light load of anglers with beautiful weather. The fishing today was decent in the morning but still just a few off most spots. 

We had a slow time around noon and then it picked up again in the later afternoon time to give us our limits. The fish we caught today were amazing quality reds, chucks and other assorted rockfish. Our passengers had a blast today when they pulled up some of those big red doubles.

For our 10 anglers we ended the day with 48 reds and 52 assorted rockfish. The Coral Sea is a go 3/4 day fishing Monday and the Stardust is a go 1/2 day as well so book your reservations now through our website or call the Sealanding at (805)963-3564. 

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Coral Sea 1/2 day 6.8.18
Coral Sea 1/2 day 6.8.18
Coral Sea 1/2 day 6.8.18
Coral Sea 1/2 day 6.8.18
Coral Sea 1/2 day 6.8.18

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Holy Cow!! We have room next week!!

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Light loads all week

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Everyone caught their limit of lingcod and rockfish