Stardust 1/2 Day 4.2.18

Posted On: Apr 02, 2018 at 11:08 PM

Monday April 2nd

Stardust 1/2 Day Trip

Good afternoon everyone, just heading in here after a productive 1/2 Day Trip today with 27 anglers on board.

Our group today consisted of many first timers and we opted to head out deep to look at a different area. Our day was extremely hot and cold with a few stones that but very well while most of what we stopped in being unproductive. Our group did a great job today and fished every stop putting together a nice day overall.

Our morning 25 anglers that actively participated ended the day with 136 Reds, 37 Coppers, 43 Assorted Rockfish and 2 Sand Bass.

The Stardust needs more reservations to head out 1/2 Day Fishing Wednesday and the Coral Sea has space available both Tuesday and Wednesday 3/4 Day Fishing. Please call Sea Landing at 805 963-3564 for a reservation or visit our website to book online.

Stardust 1/2 Day 4.2.18
Stardust 1/2 Day 4.2.18
Stardust 1/2 Day 4.2.18
Stardust 1/2 Day 4.2.18
Stardust 1/2 Day 4.2.18
Stardust 1/2 Day 4.2.18

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Overnight Private Charters available on The Coral Sea!

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Everyone caught their limit of lingcod and rockfish