Stardust 3/4 day 9.22.17

Posted On: Sep 23, 2017 at 01:43 AM

Hello everybody, just coming in from our 3/4 day trip. We stayed local due to the wind forecast. Our first zone produced some decent fish ranging in size and color with plenty of red rockfish mixed in. After that each spot was a surprise, one stone would be good and the next had nothing.

Our best fishing of the day came a little before noon when we hit a spot where we put on a ton of reds and some nice coppers. People were pulling up doubles and singles all over the boat and they had a blast. Eventually the wind picked up and sent us home just a little earlier then expected but we already had some very nice bags on board.

In the end for our 23 anglers we caught 90 reds and 97 assorted rockfish. The stardust is running a privately chartered trip tomorrow but will be back running a 3/4 day on Sunday. Book upcoming trips now on our website or call the Sealanding at 8059633564.

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