Coral Sea 1/2 day 9.10.17

Posted On: Sep 11, 2017 at 12:04 AM

Today was a very good 1/2 day trip, we ended up getting them in the fourth quarter. We struggled most of the morning and then things turn around in the afternoon. The weather was up a little bit in the morning and then mellow right out this afternoon. All in all our 28 anglers caught 50 reds 160 rockfish and 3 lingcod .
We have a light load for tomorrow so far it looks like a good island day so jump on the boat get on some of that. You can make reservations from the website or just show up in the morning. We are also 3/4 day fishing Tuesday and Wednesday with lots of room available. Please call the landing and make reservations for those trips 805-963-3564

Coral Sea 1/2 day 9.10.17
Coral Sea 1/2 day 9.10.17

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