Coral Sea 3/4 day 8.26.17

Posted On: Aug 27, 2017 at 02:12 AM

Coral Sea 3/4-day
With flat weather forecast, the choice spot to try for was Santa Rosa Island's ling zone. We made a quick test stop along the way, closer to Santa Cruz, and it bit just like it looked on the meter - slim pickings. So a few minutes later we pulled in off SRI. It was one-stop fishing for lings, and our 25 anglers put on limits. At least 4 sets of doubles came up on the double dropper double whopper live sardine rigs.
Then we were off in search of rockfish. That started out gangbusters too. But at 1:30 it got really scratchy. At that time we had about 180 mixed coppers, reds, bocaccio, blues and others. We bounced around for another hour to scratch up 39 more gophers, groupers, flags, and blues, then headed home a half-hour into OT.
It was a great day at the islands in flat weather. Our 25 hard grinding anglers did great, sacking up their limits of lings and 219 rockfish.
The Coral Sea has some room for Sunday's 1/2 day trip. We have extremely light loads this week on our 3/4 day trip Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Please make reservations from the website or call 805-963-3564
Photos to come, this evening.
Tight Lines,

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