Coral Sea 3/4 day 8.15.17

Posted On: Aug 16, 2017 at 12:24 AM

Well here we are heading back across the channel after a great day at SRI. Weather was pretty smooth on the way out, saw lots of whales and dolphins. We had an extremely light load only nine people so we fish the few spots for very large Rockfish and lingcod. And we did very well.
We had nine people, they caught 82 Rockfish and 18 lingcod A big mix of chuckleheads reds and Grouper. We are all full for Wednesday's 3/4 day trip, but the Stardust still has room for its 1/2 day trip. Thursday and Friday the coral sea is 1/2 day fishing with plenty of room and the Stardust is 3/4 day fishing with spots still available. Please make reservations in advance either from our website or by calling the landing at 805-963-3564

Coral Sea 3/4 day 8.15.17
Coral Sea 3/4 day 8.15.17

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Lots of room next week!

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Light loads all week!

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Everyone caught their limit of lingcod and rockfish