Stardust Coastal Charter

Posted On: May 14, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Hello everybody here is your Stardust 3/4 day report. We headed up the coast today with a high wind advisory on a private Charter. We battled some currents in the morning where the boat was moving very quickly over our desired zone and we struck out on those. Once the current slowed down a bit we got into a couple rocks that were willing to bite and we pulled up quite a few fish very quickly.

The weather continued to deteriorate but we fished hard for a while with little results. The wind eventually picked up and shoved us home earlier then expected but our passengers were an absolutely awesome group and they had a blast fishing today.

For our 29 anglers we ended up 103 reds and 21 assorted rockfish. The Stardust still has room for tomorrow's 3/4 day trip you can make reservations on our website or call the Sealanding at 805-963-3564.

Stardust Coastal Charter
Stardust Coastal Charter

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