Coral Sea 3.4.17 3/4 day Islands

Posted On: Mar 05, 2017 at 12:29 AM

Another beautiful day of weather today folks. We had a full boat today with 25 anglers on board. We headed across to the islands again and looked at some area we havnt covered the past few days.

Fishing today was on the scratchy side however the quality was excellent and our group stayed at the rail and fished all day. Fortunately we managed to find a couple stones that wanted to participate and finished the day with steady action. The double dropper loops and 12 oz. Sinkers were the ticket today with Squid strips while the artificials were though to get a bite.

Our 25 anglers ended the day with 52 Reds, 165 Copper Rockfish, 33 misc. Rockfish and 5 Lingcod.

Both boats are booked up for Sunday and will resume there normal schedule with the Coral Sea running 3/4 Day trips Monday- Wednesday and the Stardust 1/2 Day fishing those days as well. Visit our website to book online or feel free to Contact Sea Landing at 805 963-3564 for availability and info about either boat

Coral Sea 3.4.17 3/4 day Islands
Coral Sea 3.4.17 3/4 day Islands
Coral Sea 3.4.17 3/4 day Islands
Coral Sea 3.4.17 3/4 day Islands

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