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Apr 19, 2019 Arrow1 Down Reply
John Hendricks

Every year I look forward to quality Rock Fishing up the coast or at the Islands. So if I book a 3/4 trip on one of your boats I would want to know if I am chasing game fish or rock coding. Can you make sure the people in the office are well in formed. And if game fishing what gear to bring...……

Thanks for listening,


Nov 21, 2021 Arrow1 Down Reply
Bill Silva

We, SIRP Environmental and Energy Solutions, just read this internet article where you were interviewed "Sport fish boat pollutes same as 162 school buses. Will boat businesses survive air quality regulations?".
We might have solutions that can help accomplish the air quality goals without spending millions of dollars per boat. Our add-on devices have been approved by C.A.R.B. It will work on almost any type of internal engine using almost any type of fuel.
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