Stardust 7.18.16 1/2 day

Posted On: Jul 18, 2016 at 11:04 PM

Stardust 7.18.16 1/2 day Report
27 anglers, 67 Red Rockfish, 183 Rockfish, 1 Whitefish, 6 Lingcod, 5 Sheephead, 1 Sand Bass.
We had an amazing day fishing for Rockfish and lingcod, for half-day fishing it was extremely good. Best bet today was either a sardine strip or Squid strip on a dropper loop 46 ounce sinker. We got a few fish on artificial baits as well smaller though, like megabytes and plastic. All in all amazing day, we had a great group.
Beat the heat come out 1/2 day fishing Tuesday and Wednesday, 3/4 day fishing Thursday, Friday & Sunday. Book online or call 805-963-3564

Stardust 7.18.16 1/2 day-1
Stardust 7.18.16 1/2 day-2
Stardust 7.18.16 1/2 day-3
Stardust 7.18.16 1/2 day-4
Stardust 7.18.16 1/2 day-5
Stardust 7.18.16 1/2 day-6
Stardust 7.18.16 1/2 day-7

Captains Log

 Super light loads Monday – Wednesday both boats! 

Mall trips are a go!!

Coral Sea SportsfishingCoral Sea

1/2 day Thursday, Friday & Sunday

 Plenty of room book now 

Stardust SportsfishingStardust

3/4 day Thursday, Friday & Sunday


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