Stardust 7.9.17 3/4 day

Posted On: Jul 10, 2017 at 02:35 AM

Hello everybody here is your 3/4 day report for the stardust. We got off the dock with a full boat of anglers and headed over to Santa Rosa island with a decent weather forecast for the day. We started out targeting lingcod in some deeper water areas but found that the currents were causing a lot of tangles and that fishing deep was not an option for the day. We did manage to pull up some rockfish and lingcod before we headed in shallow.

When we got to our shallow water zone the current was still up but the tangles were better so we really started to hunt around for some biting fish. We hit a good few spots before we found anything worthy but when we got on a good area it really went for it. We caught lots of rockfish and ocean white fish with some lingcod mixed in. Our passengers had a blast with the fast fishing and ended up putting together a solid day.

For our 40 anglers we caught 257 rockfish, 5 sheephead, 24 lingcod and 98 ocean whitefish. The stardust has lots of room for tomorrow's 1/2 day trip, you can JUST SHOW UP. Please book spots now for upcoming 3/4 day trips on our website or call the Sea landing at 805-963-3564.

Stardust 7.9.17 3/4 day
Stardust 7.9.17 3/4 day
Stardust 7.9.17 3/4 day
Stardust 7.9.17 3/4 day
Stardust 7.9.17 3/4 day
Stardust 7.9.17 3/4 day

Captains Log

 Super light loads Monday – Wednesday both boats! 

Mall trips are a go!!

Coral Sea SportsfishingCoral Sea

1/2 day Thursday, Friday & Sunday

 Plenty of room book now 

Stardust SportsfishingStardust

3/4 day Thursday, Friday & Sunday


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