Coastal Reds

Posted On: May 15, 2016 at 12:27 AM

Good afternoon folks we are heading in from a very fun day of coastal rockfish fishing with sore arms & happy anglers. Both boats fished up the coast today due to the forecast for strong winds at the islands today. The fishing was good & steady for us today on almost straight 'steamer' reds ranging in weight from 1.75-3.25 pounds...We also stumbled across a few really nice lingcod which is always a bonus when fishing up the coast...

Our 25 anglers caught 238 reds, 12 misc. rockfish, and 4 lingcod. All of our fish today were caught on double dropper loop rigs with 12 oz. sinkers and squid strips...Much thanks to our group of mostly Coral Sea newbies we enjoyed having you on the boat today!

The Coral Sea has a 1/2 day trip scheduled for Sunday and the Stardust has a 3/4 day trip scheduled as well so call Sea Landing at 805-963-3564 and make your reservations today before both boats fill up!
Coral Sea is 3/4 day Monday-Wednesday
Stardust 1/2 day Monday-Wednesday

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